Composition of Revelation

The Revelation protocol is committed to becoming the most widely used DeFi application platform for Ethereum users. It will launch: Revelation-swap decentralized exchange, UNC stable currency, governance platform currency RDAO, decentralized financial derivatives Rebirth, decentralized bank DeFibank, decentralized incubator (Group wisdom) and other functions and components , Aims to build a decentralized financial complex (economy) and establish a multi-level financial system.

Revelation will continue to promote decentralized finance

The Revelation agreement will directly address the pain points of traditional centralized finance and effectively solve many problems in traditional centralized finance, such as low transparency and high trust costs. It can rebuild trust on the machine and the code, so that users can operate with confidence without the guarantee of any trusted intermediary; anyone has access permission, no one has central control; all agreements will be open source, Therefore, anyone can cooperate on the agreement to build new financial products and accelerate financial innovation under the network effect.


DeFi, the full name is Decentralized Finance, namely "decentralized finance" or "distributed finance".

"Decentralized finance", which is in contrast to traditional centralized finance, refers to applications in various financial fields built on an open decentralized network. The goal is to establish a multi-level financial system with blocks Based on chain technology and cryptocurrency, re-create and improve the existing financial system. Blockchain + finance, this is most people's understanding of DeFi. DeFi was born to solve the shortcomings of traditional finance. It has initially shown an irreplaceable role in reducing the organizational role and intermediary costs of centralized institutions, and eliminating geographical and financial regulatory restrictions. In addition, the deposit rate of DeFi applications is good, which is very attractive to long-term currency holders and speculators. Even in the special period when it is impossible to obtain income from market fluctuations, the demand for financial management on the DeFi platform by users in the currency circle has increased. Borrowing has activated the existing funds and attracted a certain amount of external funds.

The Revelation protocol (full name "Financial Revelation"), also known as "Financial Revelation", is a professional one-stop DeFi application platform on Ethereum. It is initiated and managed by the decentralized organization RevelationDAO.

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