• Revelation Matrix Composition
Decentralized financial derivatives Rebirth

Users can issue synthetic assets based on Revelation protocols rTokens, support synthetic legal tender, encrypted currency (long and short) and commodities.

UNC stable currency

UNC is a decentralized and neutral asset-backed encrypted currency, with a price of 1:1 soft-anchored dollars, a decentralized mortgage-based stable currency designed to maintain price and monetary functions.

RevelationSwap Decentralization

The RevelationSwap based on Revelation agreement is a decentralized exchange designed to promote automatic exchange transactions between ETH and ERC20 token digital assets.

Decentralized banking Defibank

Defibank is a fund pool model based on Ethernet, where the relationship between deposit and loan supply and demand is calculated by algorithm. Depositors deposit directly to the Defibank to obtain floating interest income without negotiating maturity date, interest rate collateral, etc.

Group wisdom of incubators

The financial apocalypse (Group wisdom) is used to explore and cultivate RevelationDAO ecological projects with full market potential, which can effectively help them to reduce risks and costs, improve the success rate and promote the transformation of results. .

Governance platform token RDAO

RDAO is the network card issued by the Revelation agreement, which is RevelationDAO composed of the holders of the RDAO, who are equivalent to the shareholders of the whole financial apocalypse, and carry out the equivalent voting governance right based on the number of RDAO held.